Hello World! 🙂

As with the common tradition of programming languages, I wanted to start by writing “Hello World!” as I started my new journey with this site. Despite how much I liked the UX of it, I can’t help myself but to hate Medium’s current approach of hiding everything behind a paywall and annoy me with popups etc. Also I hated 2 things since the beginning:

  • Placing all my comments around Medium as new stories I’ve shared – most of my comments aren’t really as constructive as I’d think of a “story”

  • Posts I like to read inside the weekly digests are almost 98% behind the paywall – this is maybe OK for a company trying to survive but really annoying on my side

I’m not really the kind of guy who tries to avoid payments at all costs. On the contrary, I pay to a lot of services monthly. I guess I don’t see Medium as important as the others to subscribe.

On the other hand, I deeply worry about the independence & diversity of the internet as we know it in previous decades. It’s at an alarming state. Think about this…

  • How many of the sites you visit are part of the same organization/platform?
  • How many of them are sites you visit in an organic way? Do you literally type in the address or click some link through some other site?
  • How do they satisfy you with its depth, give you enough detail (technically or non-technically)?
  • How do you even discover them? Are you happy with it?

Unfortunetely, the answers to these questions are fairly common. I don’t know you but I miss the good old days where we discovered sites through RSS feeds, planets etc.. Almost all posts at the time were full of exciting stuff where I learnt new things every day. A planet site called Linux Gezegeni of which I was a proud member was also part of Turkish Linux Users Association amoung the best of my sources. Today, the site barely works. 😞

Response (in Turkish) of a Zekeriya Öz to a tweet of mine about the good old RSS :)

These are a few of my reasons why I decided to create a new site/blog, sourcing from GitHub and a place for me to focus only on the content and not the site itself. I also started to keep some of my notes on a GitHub repository based on Azer’s very detailed and informative notebook repository. You can also reach my notebook via the top menu.

So here it’s! You just read my very first blog post about my new journey of writing. Hopefully, this will convince you to go ahead and create yours!

Until my upcoming posts, stay safe and take care! 🤙